Flash Fiction of Felipe Dimaculangan

All were now set. The food dishes for visitors were prepared on the table. The venue is fully covered by air of affection. He is even ready. He had togged his best dress for this special event. He knows that it was not easy to reunite all his loved ones.

People came up rushing and passed him already. He knows well most of them but the few faces seem vague in his mind now and names were forgotten. Travelling around, he still has someone to wait for.

Couple of hours passed, his eyes abruptly fixed on the three coming in. The woman is still beautiful as he expected, and much in the black dress she is wearing. He just wish that he is still the man she is with. Pityingly, he can never do it now nor rectify everything he had done.

He cannot help but just be contrite as the child, his son, with the woman and her new partner, slowly lays down the flowers they were bringing for him and starts to burst in tears.

“I am so sorry, son, for leaving you the rubbish heap of my errors. But then I am grateful for having you here. Here on my first and last occasion, my funeral.” His voice quavered but no one had heard him.