Our Mother Earth’s Admonition

Poem of Felipe Dimaculangan

The wind is whispering

Through my ears I can hear it says something

Something that inspires me to fight

The beauty of nature which has also its own right.


Can’t you see globally, the palpable distress we mankind continue to bring?

Turn around, there’s the disposed wastes improperly and illegal logging

A fiasco! Fiasco! We humans have failed

To take good care the God-given nature everyone must prevail.


Friend, the trees are dancing,

And butterflies are gracefully roving

Look at the birds, they are merrily singing

Are you not happy, for these you shall meet in the wake from morning?


Oh, can’t you sense our aesthetic paradise,

Smiling and we dazzle under the radiance of sunshine?

Man, use your power to cherish our golden treasure

Never let our life and of next generations be mundane and futile.