We Love Therefore We Serve

Essay of Felipe Dimaculangan

“The fruit of SILENCE is Prayer. The fruit of PRAYER is Faith. The fruit of FAITH is Love. THE FRUIT OF LOVE IS SERVICE. The fruit of SERVICE is Peace,” Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said.

Love—a four-letter word which the definition varies. A love that can either be between a mother to her child, a leader to his country, citizens to their nation, a love between two sexes, or the love to Heavenly God. Love is like a diamond, many facets and is precious. Vast, and a feeling that everyone experiences. But what true love is that, love serves.

In now’s time, relationship between couples is in trend, however, most relationships end to a break-up. So there is the “Hugot” thing that deals with teenagers. Common to all are misunderstandings and challenges. But the two are just some of the composition of love. An individual shall be prepared to hurt when he chooses love. At the same time, if he wanted the relationship to everlast, he shall be tough and shall understands. He serves his partner similarly as his partner serves him. Love serves.

Every month of August, Filipinos celebrate “Buwan ng Wika” showing their love and appreciation towards our native language Filipino. Likely as the citizens sing the national anthem during flag raising ceremony, love is undoubtly felt. They show their respect to nation and same to our beloved battalions, ready to serve our country against interferences. Love serves.

Most of the Filipinos work abroad to better sustain the needs of the family. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) work diligently in earning money, with the longing of love from their family. Living and working at long distances with the uncertainty of dangers. Another proof that love results to service.

In another case, bewildering election era heats up every six years. Fate of running politicians is in hand of the people. Typically, you can hear from their mouths the platforms they wanted for the country, but end up false promises. However, undeniably, there are still government officials who burn their eyebrows in dealing with problems the country is facing. Trying to leave a legacy on the end of their administration—a legacy of country’s prosperity and economic progression, not the common burden of degradation. Politician serves for his love on nation.

Lastly is the love of people to God, the most vital and everyone must be interested to. “God is love,” a bible verse said and so, God serves us through forgiving our sins even we never deserve forgiveness. He lends his hands for our supplications. God loves us, and He serves us. In the other way around, we similarly love God, and we serve Him.

With the abovementioned examples, we can prove Mother Teresa’s statement. We serve because we love it. Nobody will certainly serve someone if it is not on his interest, kiddo. Scrutinize the place we are into, this wide-array Earth, you probably conclude, “Love really makes the world go round.”